Terms & Conditions

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Modifications in Terms & Conditions

The modification in the Terms and Conditions of Use depends on the website company’s will. Airtapportugal has secured all the rights to make changes to the terms without any prior notification to the user. However, you’ll be notified of the changes made on this website. Also, we advise our customers to read all policies thoroughly including the Terms of Use of this website before utilizing the services on Airtapportugal.


Airtapportugal is customized to provide a hassle-free booking atmosphere to the users. Our website only acts as a user interface between users and TAP Air Portugal Airlines. The website has no responsibility for the booking or any kind of reservation with TAP Air Portugal because we do not have any direct involvement in creating the flight booking process, including the ticket pricing, fees, or taxes involved, or any information that you seek from us.


You are solely responsible for all the travel details and other sensitive information you upload, transmit or share with us or others on or through the Trips facility of the website, and you warrant that you are not transmitting or sharing Trips information illegally given that you do not have any special permission to share.

Intellectual Property

We, our third-party service providers and license holders, own all of the text, images, software, trademarks, and other material used or contained on the website. You are not allowed to copy, use, or transmit any of the material except for your personal, non-commercial use. Everything you copy, use or transmit from our website must contain copyright, trademark, and other proprietary rights notices on all copies you print. Your use and access to our website do not allow you the right to use any of the marks included on Airtapportugal.

Cancellation or Refund

The conditions for reservation changes and cancellations may differ depending on the conditions related to the purchased TAP Air Portugal product. Airtapportugal is not directly linked to the airline for the cancellation and refund in any case, nor is it liable to provide you with any refund for every booking on the website. We have dedicated a “Cancellation Policy” page for our users, where they can get important information related to cancellations and refunds. For further queries, you can contact our customer support team by contacting the number given at the top of the website.